Find Your Happy!

7 Observations from the Planet on Being Happy.

by Constance Stoner

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Language : English
Publication Date : 23/09/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 138
ISBN : 9781504356480

About the Book

Find Your Happy! 7 Observations from the Planet on the Natural Wisdom in being Happy!

The Author collaborates with 7 special little rocks from each continent making up our Planet. They each share an Observation they have on the human condition, and how nature shares similar life situations. With their fun, fresh, quirky little personalities, they encourage us to empower our 'selves', connect with the Planet, and find our Happy!

-First, Meet Derek, from Asia, as he shares how Atomic Coexistence is found throughout the Universe, how all matter exists peacefully, happily, and so can you!

-Next, Starla, from Australia explains Universal perspective. The life and death importance in seeing the big picture, being able to focus your attention, and actively owning your choices.

-Then meet Brian, from Europe. Brian emphasizes the importance of our relationship with our human 'self' , food, even pets, how it affects self-empowerment, and being truly happy!

-Angel is from S. America, and directs your attention towards the inseparable nature of the Universe, and the advantages therein. Helping you to achieve your own inseparable power!

Darling, Mason, and Brook will share the final three Observations as well! Their goal? To help close the gap between Humans and the Planet, one rock at a time!

-The Planet, and me.

About the Author

Author Constance Stoner collaborates with seven little rocks, one from each of the continents that make up our planet. Each rock shares an observation they have made on the human condition. Holding up a mirror to show how nature shares similar life situations then sharing the natural wisdom, abundant and readily available to each of us in empowering our selves, connecting with the planet, and finding our happy! A lifelong advocate in teaching complex matters in their most true, simple form, the author shares a relationship with the planet that we each have from a new, fun, and enlightening perspective. The author takes you on a journey to meet, reconnect, and form your personal relationship with the planet! Written, illustrated, and inspired by the natural habitat in Tucson, Arizona, where the author shares space with hummingbirds, yellow finches, quail, her motorcycle, and her spiritual life partner, Keith.