My Journey into Three Worlds

Physical, Psychic and Spiritual

by Simone Boisvert

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Language : English
Publication Date : 30/11/2017

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781504383509
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781504383493
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781504383868

About the Book

Over the years many people have mentioned to me that I “should write a book.”

Presently the time has come to tell my stories of what my God-given talents have helped me accomplish throughout my life. This book shares some of my legacy with the world.

Within this autobiography I recount many of my personal stories and of some unusual experiences, namely: My Journey into Three Worlds: Physical, Psychic and Spiritual.

Music has played a vital role throughout my life. I’ve sung with 18-piece bands including Lionel Hampton and his band, jazz trios and quartets, solo with my guitar, performing in two separate duos plus I have written three musical stage plays and 75 songs. During this time, I was also working at the University of Vermont and raising my daughter by myself following a divorce.

I have been a psychic all of my adult life having read thousands of people from all walks of life as I was able to lift the veil of their future.

I was also blessed with a healing gift which helped hundreds of people alleviate assorted health problems. Some are chronicled within this book. Adding to my spiritual responsibilities, sometimes I had the most awesome visions for the world and what God’s judgment may bring to humankind. See within.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Simone Boisvert

About the Author

Simone has been inseparable from writing, music, the arts and theater her entire life. Born in Canada with a French-Abenaki heritage and a gift for music and writing, she began singing English songs long before she could speak the language. Her family moved to Vermont when she was nine years old. In her teens and while still in high school, Simone began her jazz career singing in a seven-piece band. During those years she performed lead roles in her school’s theatrical shows. Meanwhile, her interest in creative writing was recognized and nurtured. After graduating as valedictorian from high school and while working and taking courses at the University of Vermont, Simone continued to perform in musical groups. She sang in local jazz quartets, an 18-piece Big Band playing governors’ balls, as well as singing with renowned jazz artists such as the late Lionel Hampton who played an incredible vibraphone and who had his own big band; Ike Isaacs who played upright bass ever so flawlessly in his famous trio; and other wonderfully talented musicians within northeastern United States and also across the border in Montreal, Canada. Simone gained additional experience in writing and acting while performing in Community Theater in Auburn, N.Y. and also learned and applied her knowledge of Shakespearean make-up at Stanstead College, Province of Quebec, Canada. Simone began composing original songs for guitar and vocals followed by performing solo playing her guitar and singing in ski resorts, coffee houses, and exclusive dinner clubs. Meanwhile she honed her creative skills composing poetry and short stories. One of her accomplishments is a non-fiction story of a famous Canadian healer which she wrote completely in French. The next one is fiction but a real tear jerker about a young shepherd boy and his father’s legacy to his son, which takes place long ago on the fields of Israel at Christmastime. At this juncture, Simone performed professionally in musical duos and for years traveled throughout the United States playing guitar, bass and singing lead vocals. It was during this period of time Simone began writing drama/musical scripts. To date, she has written three stage plays containing her original compositions. Her first creative work is entitled SPIRIT MAN, a drama/musical which has been praised by critics who have labeled it an “inspired artistic accomplishment” followed by THE TIME OF TIMES, sequel to SPIRIT MAN; and her last script entitled HARVEST TIME, an interesting drama/musical which takes place in a carnival (with appropriate original music Simone’s written for it.) Presently she has written her anecdotal autobiography which you hopefully will enjoy reading entitled : “MY JOURNEY INTO THREE WORLDS” with subtitle; Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual. After having been in the entertainment industry many years, Simone decided to earn a living with another of her God-given gifts doing psychic readings. By word of mouth only and for many years, people sought her out and her calendar was booked almost two years in advance continuously. After awhile, along with doing the psychic readings, Simone added her other God-given gift of healing to her repertoire. She helped hundreds of suffering people who had diverse illnesses with her healing hand from 1991 until 2003 when she retired from the readings and the healings. Presently Simone keeps busy preparing and making CDs of some of her past musical recordings; finding a publisher for one or more of her three musical stage plays; and finally writing her memoirs in book form to share some of the very interesting events and predictions from her psychic, healing and spiritual experiences.