Let’s Start a Luvolution

by Southern Stardove

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/11/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 94
ISBN : 9781504304719

About the Book

The time has come.
The invitation has arrived at last.
Divine beings of love and light are calling those who are ready, those
who have chosen to live in peace and joy instead of fear and sadness.
Are you ready to usher in a new world Paradise?
If you have been hoping for a happier, more peaceful and powerful
life and are willing to take your part in the healing of the world, now
your time has come.
Now you can choose to fulfil your ultimate purpose for this lifetime.
With our thoughts we create our world, so the direction of our
evolution is in the hearts and minds and hands of each one of us.
What sort of a world are you creating now?
What sort of a world do you want to create?
The picture of the world you see now is only a reflection of your
inner state of being. As you evolve, awaken and remember your true
authentic essence, your divine conscious state of mind, then, your
outer world picture will adjust and reflect back to you the same
beauty, peace and love that you have discovered within yourself.
Are you ready and willing to accept this invitation and become a
co-creator of Paradise?
of the sixties REVOLUTION
Let’s start a LUVOLUTION

About the Author

Southern Stardove emerged from a spiritual breakthrough in 2007 to realize that her perception of her life, her relationships, and the world was all an illusion—but love and goodness remained. It was at that moment that her past dropped away and her heart healed. She wrote this story to encourage others to seek peace and truth.