Pahat's Fishing Adventure

by Kimberly Roemisch, Aaron Plunkett & Illustrated by Andy Atkins

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/06/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 32
ISBN : 9781504350129

About the Book

Past and present entwine to share wondrous events that bring us closer to our source. Magical encounters and scientific discovery merge seamlessly in this adventurous story.

The setting: beside a lake a young native boy plays musical bones, an ancient pastime handed down by elders and ancestors while fishing. When the boy catches a catfish and forms a friendship he discovers a prehistoric whale who tells stories of the mysteries of life, survival, coming-of-age, the great outdoors, and Mother Nature.

Inspired by Chumash mythology, Pahat's Fishing Adventure is based on a true story — the author's discovery of California's first fossilized, 25 million-year-old, toothed baleen whales in Ojai, California, January, 2000, Los Angeles County Museum Specimen 148806.

About the Author

AARON PLUNKETT is a multi-ethnic percussionist and composer. He collects and plays exotic instruments from native music masters all over the world and is the recording artist who played traditional Celtic percussion for the infamous steerage dance scene in the Academy Award winning epic film, Titanic. In addition to his extensive recording experience and film work, Aaron was the jazz drummer for Lionel Hampton’s World Tour Band. He is credited with writing, directing, and producing educational music videos, World Beats and Bones From the Beginning; authored, and taught classes implementing his cross-curricular multi-cultural music, math, English, language, science education program, World Beats-Music and Percussion From Around the World. He has studied world music, jazz and classical percussion at the International Music Academy, the California Institute of the Arts, and the University of Southern California. Aaron is authoring his forthcoming children’s book entitled, The Lonely Isle.

KIMBERLY ROEMISCH is a writer, artist, costume designer, dancer and poet. Her work is passionately expressed in a collection of poetry, multi-cultural dance, and painting. She has studied art with masters from around the world, and immersed herself in poetic composition, sharing her artistry with audiences all over the country. Her engaging style warmly invites you into another dimension. In addition, she has mastered the use of color, and specializes in painting flora and fossil replicas from ancient epochs. Kimberly is authoring her forthcoming book in a collection of intimate and touching poems, Oms of Love.