True Feminine Power

Let Your Overflowing Heart Lead

by Sarah Emily-Anne

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/12/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 132
ISBN : 9781452531656

About the Book


• Be 100% fulfi lled right now without needing anything.
• Find the source of your unwavering confi dence. .
• Know every right choice directly from your heart’s intuition.
• Feel truly beautiful in the body you have right now.
• Attract genuine love from others into your life.
• Discover the easier feminine way to manifest.
• Speak from your heart so that others are more responsive.
• Have more fulfilling time with genuine feminine friends.
• Bring out the best in the feminine beings around you.
• Dissolve other women’s closed-ness to you in an instant.
• Be free of others criticism of you.
• Turn around any distressing situation.
• Be free of your old fears and hurts quickly and safely.
• End feeling other’s emotions, just feel and clear your own.
• Find bliss in the feminine way to meditate.
• Ignite and boost your creative passions.
• Connect deeply with Mother Earth and her wisdom.
• Live your deepest feminine purpose and true power.
• Be the one you have always wanted to be.

“There are very few women role models who are able to carry the power to do what is needed while equally embracing her depth as a woman. Sarah’s practices in each chapter actually help to build a woman’s ability to live from that sacred place of love within herself. I recommend this as a go-to book for inspiration and guidance to any woman who feels that there might be more to her life.”

- Anjali Hill, Living from Truth Facilitator, Enlightenment Intensive Master, Counselor and Coach

About the Author

Sarah Emily-Anne grew up as a tomboy on a cattle station in outback Australia. She then journeyed overseas and discovered some of the best personal and spiritual growth work in the world. During over 10,000 hours of trainings she experienced many powerful awakenings that aligned her with her true self and genuine feminine heart. She has been integrating her powerful self-discoveries in her own life and mentored others for over ten years with incredible transformational results. She also works as an intentional artist and a heart-to-heart intuitive seer. Having recently returned to outback Australia with her husband and two children, this book was intuitively written to finally share her ground breaking feminine insights with the world.