Freedom from Anxiety

A Deeper Approach to Healing

by Harry Kroner

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/10/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781504343183

About the Book

This book explores the four phases in the holistic process of freeing yourself from anxiety:

• Understanding the nature of anxiety. • Shifting the body, heart, mind, and soul. • Reclaiming your power. • Developing a new sense of self.

This book is based on author Harry Kroner’s work with hundreds of clients suffering from anxiety, fear, and phobia. Explaining his unique and effective approach to healing anxiety from its core. Treating the person in a more comprehensive way, addressing the body, mind, heart, and soul. It is time to stop treating just the symptoms and heal from the inside out.

Gaining clarity of what is the core cause or triggers. Being honest and accepting of yourself. Releasing the old, limiting beliefs. Learning how to really relax—training yourself to go deeper. Releasing emotional charge from past events; ending negative self-talk from the mind, limiting beliefs and negative patterns of thinking. Opening yourself to higher wisdom, soul healing, and your place in the universe. Learning those things that will help you regain mastery over life. Developing a new sense of self that is authentic and free of anxiety. Growing into a fully integrated and independent version of yourself. Striding safely and confidently in the world.

About the Author

Harry Kroner is the founder and director of New Awareness Institute. He is a catalyst for spiritual awakening and deep personal healing. He brings a unique blend of techniques to all levels of your being, emerging as a leading expert in soul healing and deep emotional healing.

He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in psychology and received extensive training in hypnotherapy, regression therapy, life coaching, energy healing, quantum healing hypnosis technique, and more.

Harry has helped thousands of individuals reach a happier, balanced, and wiser version of themselves, helping many bring peace into their lives in his office in Prescott, Arizona, and around the world through phone and Skype sessions. In addition to working with individuals, he conducts workshops, seminars, and retreats.