The Magic of the Old Oak Tree

by Donna Sims

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/24/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 58
ISBN : 9781504355544

About the Book

Rodger and Jacob are officially “military kids.” They’ve had to move to new communities across America since they were babies. In South Carolina, the children had an especially difficult time settling in. This move was particularly difficult because it was the first time their dad couldn’t come. His orders delayed him for eight months in Kansas. When he finally joined the family in South Carolina, he had to deploy to Kuwait for almost a year. Their mom knew the boys were having a rough time fitting in at school, 2nd and 4th grade was challenging. One good thing about the move was the family lived near the boys grandparents. Grandma loved to cook and Granddad was always outside fixing something. After school, though, when the boys came home they were so unhappy. Jacob insisted on having a bedtime story before he would go to sleep at night. So their mom would make up these really awesome bedtime stories with the boys as the main characters. It helped them to dream of a place where they were happy all the time. This lifted their spirits on the nights they could not sleep. The story begins with Rodger and Jacob visiting their grandmother who is secretly married to the keeper of the old oak tree, Mr. Stimer, whom the boys meet on accident. Later on, the boys begin to realize that the Oak tree is really magical and that little angel children from heaven called Quiblings, make the magic and that the Stimer’s vow to live this secret double life so the Quiblings don’t have to be sad.

About the Author

<< Insert Biography 1 here>> DONNA SIMS Born in North Carolina, Donna joined the military in 1994. She met her husband, Rodger in Fort Bliss, Texas. Together they have two sons; Rodger Jr. and Jacob. Donna was commissioned after college as an Officer in the Finance Corps. Having traveled to various military bases across the United States and Overseas. Donna received many awards throughout her career; however her greatest achievement has been ensuring the happiness of her two sons. She attributes her trust in God to all of her life’s accomplishments. Rodger and Jacob have asked Donna to share her bedtime stories compiled in the Magic of the Old Oak Tree as a delight to all children for generations to come. << Insert Biography 2 here>>