The 69th Generation

A Biblical Commentary on Daniel 9 and the Generation of Christ’s Return

by Steven Medley

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Language : English
Publication Date : 19/06/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781504334020
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781504334044

About the Book

In this riveting and spellbinding exposé of the second coming of Christ, Steven Medley guides and directs the reader in the most strategic and methodical manner, skillfully and masterfully choreographing a meticulously crafted dissection of the most profound Biblical prophecies in order to create a thought-provoking step-by-step analysis of the imminent return of Jesus. Over the course of tens of thousands of hours dedicated to the study and research of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, Medley has uncovered one of the most mysteriously disguised time lines, which uniquely spells out the otherwise unperceivable details that would proceed and accompany Christ’s return. While others have vaguely and ambiguously formulated their theories as to the timing of this momentous event, Medley allows the Scriptures themselves to paint a most thorough and detailed portrait, adding great clarity while providing an extensive series of proofs in order to consummate his remarkable finding: we are that final generation. It is a masterful examination of the hidden mysteries that lie beneath the pages of prophetic Scripture as it pertains to the elusive understanding of the end-times. It is an utterly artistic and stylistic approach to what is perhaps the most speculative and hotly debated question that pertains to the entire Bible: when will Jesus come again? It is a must read for both serious students of the biblically prophetic as well as for the casual novice. It is sure to leave the reader deeply intrigued and scratching his head in pure astonishment.

About the Author

Steven Medley was born in 1961 in the inner city of Chicago. Born to a middle aged father and a young but alcoholic mother, it would be less than a year before his maternal mother would abandon them both. The next nine years would be spent being shipped around from various foster homes, and from one school to the next. At age 10 he would finally come home to stay with his quickly aging father. These would be the happiest years of his life.
At seventeen Steven would enlist in the U.S. Marines and four short years later he would receive an honorable discharge. Upon his return home his father would die of lung cancer only a short single year later. This would begin the darkest time of Stevens life. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and a wide array of criminal activities would eventually land him in the state penitentiary where he would serve a total of forty-two months behind bars. It would be there behind those same bars that he would give his life to Jesus in 1991.
This would begin years of cultivating a personal and intimate relationship with his newly discovered Savior. It would be during this period of his life that he would uncover the ever present gift of prophecy lying previously dormant and undetected within him.
Since then Steven Medley is a dedicated student and researcher of the Word of God, with more than over 40,000 hours of collective study in the field of biblical prophecy. Medley was born in Chicago Illinois, and currently resides there with his newly gained wife and teenage daughter. He is also the father of another daughter, and grandfather to three young grandchildren.