Passages to Freedom

Reflections on the Inner Path

by Gerard Livermore

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/08/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 66
ISBN : 9781452530130

About the Book

Passages to Freedom: Reflections on the Inner Path recognizes that life presents moments that challenge, through difficult external circumstances, one’s inner person. Rather than suggesting surrender to such moments, Gerard Livermore, a holistic counselor and complementary therapist, provides a diverse array of reflections that offer aid and insight along life’s path of self-discovery and transformation.

In explaining its approach to fostering individuals’ inner awareness and personal power, Passages to Freedom notes, ‘At some point in life, many of us encounter what is called the “dark night of the soul”; a period of often deep and intense suffering that challenges all we believe in and have lived for. This “dark night” provides us the opportunity (indeed often forces us) to look more deeply into ourselves, to question the nature and meaning of life and living, happiness and purpose.’ To encourage this self-reflection, Passages to Freedom presents a series of reflections, each of which begins with a memorable observation and then moves to the on-topic insights and guidance.

If you have made your way to the point along your life’s path where the obstacles and barriers are no longer ignorable, if you have a sense that something better awaits you, and if you desire to become more deeply aware of both your own inner being and your personal power, then Passages to Freedom: Reflections on the Inner Path will help you tap into these reserves and face with confidence and serenity what life puts before you.

About the Author

Gerard Livermore, a holistic counsellor and complementary therapist, has studied and practiced metaphysical sciences and personal growth for thirty years. He is a father of four and a grandfather of three. He currently lives and practices in Hervey Bay, on the tranquil Fraser Coast region of Queensland, Australia.