Unborn Essence

Essence Legacy—In the Minds of Humans

by Ashlee North

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/09/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781452525891

About the Book

It is Christmas in New York when a baby is born. Named Christina Elizabeth by her parents, the baby’s Essence—her life force and caretaker of her soul—feels the glorious ecstasy of belonging, knowing wholeness, and oneness with its human being now home.

Meanwhile, in the same hospital precinct, a baby boy is born. Although he is safe and warm, he will sadly not know the same type of security or peaceful existence, for the boy is unwittingly involved in a tug of war—destined to be hurt and cursed by an Unborn Essence who has attached himself to the baby, determined to use his powers on an unsuspecting mind. Unfortunately as Jonathon Daniel grows older, he creates complete havoc around himself, perplexing his parents and his doctors. But what he does not know is that Christina has begun to dream about him, convinced there is something special about him. Now only time will tell if the two humans will fall in love, with help from several Essences—while the Unborn Essence watches with interest and malice.

Unborn Essence shares a fantastical journey into the subconscious and spiritual that opens the mind to new possibilities as Essences work to unite souls on Earth and Unborn Essences seek to destroy them.

About the Author

Ashlee North lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with her husband. She is a lover of words and music, adores writing, and enjoys taking readers on literary journeys.

Coupled with romance, Ashlee writes fantasy, paranormal, suspense, and psychological thrillers. She writes with a fresh style enjoyed by all ages. She has published several books;

Because of the Secret
Wake me up so I can Dream
Circling Carousels
The Storm that Brews Within
The Chronicling of Ilithia
Kiss Me, Love Me, Kill Me!
Unborn Essence – Volume One of the Essence Legacy Series