Steps to Ascension

A Path to Inner Awareness

by Sydney Francis & Illustrated by Blair Dixon

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/07/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 52
ISBN : 9781504335430

About the Book

Gifted from a conglomerate of unified beings from beyond this world referred to as “Guides”, this channeled information is offered to assist in the realization and maintenance of a higher vibration and energy awareness. “… the path suggested here is one of simplicity, openness and love-healing energy. It is not the beginning of a ritualistic life or the formation of yet another religious group. It is given only as a suggested path to convene with the One and All. It is for everyone; there is no one it excludes.” (from channeling 04/09/1997)

Sydney shares step-by-step guidance for those interested in preparing themselves for enhanced connection to Spirit. She includes specific advice on: • how to prepare for beneficial and heightened sleep • how to understand the seven realms of sleep, this important and revelatory state • how to practice meditation effectively at different times of the day • how to prepare for imminent global changes with fearlessness and strength

Steps to Ascension shares powerful tools and guidance intended to help anyone seeking to enhance their focus and ability to realize and maintain a higher self-vibration and energy awareness through the conscious use of sleep and meditation.

About the Author

Sydney Francis, a lawyer by training, business affairs manager by design and artist by choice, offers Steps to Ascension in the hopes that it will aid those who are interested in preparing themselves for an enhanced connection to Spirit. Raised in Catholicism, becoming a Buddhist and later a Muslim, Sydney came to the realization that the constraints of organized religion were not for her; rather, she chooses to simply love the One and All and her fellow human beings without discrimination or constraint.

Sydney reflects, “I am no one in particular; I am but part of a widespread group of workers of light and love who offer whatever gifts they possess to assist the balancing of human kind.” Steps to Ascension is the outcome of twenty-nine years of meditation and channeling; every direct quote and each prayer was channeled through her.

Sydney lives in New York City with her family; this is her first book.