One Dollar One Rissole

by Evan Scarlett

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/07/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 138
ISBN : 9781452524733

About the Book

Well this is the fifth volume of short stories,
and some may ask why
he doesn’t just pull his finger out
and write a proper novel.
But he figures he is being novel,
doesn’t have the brain to concentrate enough
to achieve a novel,
and realises possibly
just where his strengths
and weaknesses lie.
So go and sit on the toilet if you need to hang shit on him.
Besides, he is a lazy prick.

About the Author

EVAN SCARLETT is a musician, painter, chef, and writer. His mother’s parents were both musicians. He disgraced himself by running off with a member of the local senior citizen’s band. Scarlett was a classically trained guitarist who spent two years working on a music degree until he became seduced by psychoacoustics and realised that his lack of ear would prevent him from finishing his degree. He now specialises in his own form of gypsy jazz.

Scarlett is the grandson of the first woman to attend the Victorian College of the Arts. His grandmother married an Italian and studied in Melbourne, hence how they met. They managed to fall in love despite the fact that Scarlett’s grandfather would have needed a milk crate to make love to her—she was a foot taller than he. She came from a wealthy family; he was the son of poor immigrants. Their love took them both out of art school.

Evan Scarlett studied at the University of Melbourne and finished by studying with the renowned artist Jacqueline Black in France. As a chef of thirty years’ experience, he was trained by an ex–Maxim’s of Paris chef. He worked almost at the top of the pile in London and France for three years. Returning to Australia, he volunteered his skills for many years before taking to cheese making and charcuterie.

He is a writer specialising in short stories of the surreal dreamscape of life that expose the human condition in its raw form. The stories are ones easily digestible whilst awaiting the arrival of one’s own faeces in the relaxed atmosphere of one’s own toilet.