The Real Why

Book 1: Why Life is the Way it is & How to Make it Better - A Near Death View

by Mas Sajady

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/04/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 170
ISBN : 9781452595993

About the Book

Re-Design, Re-Create, Re-Believe in your life. After my second Near Death Experience (NDE) unlocked a new dimension of realities I was “downloaded” with timeless teachings how life really works -- the most profound is that life is created through a set of frequencies.   Change your frequency, change your life.   Before my NDE I spent a great deal of money and time trying to improve my life.  I scoured religious and motivational books, meditating to access the secret to happiness – golden secrets freely given to me in the afterlife, which I now call 360 degrees of abundance.  In this book learn the real reason why your life has been the way it is and employ divine tools to: Successfully Energize Business and Finances Activate Ever-expanding Healing for Thriving Health Heighten Intuition and Spiritual Connection Magnetize/Empower Fulfilling Relationships Instill Ingredients for Greater Life Play & Joy

About the Author

After two Near Death Experiences, Mas was gifted with healing and intuitive abilities so potent he was soon likened to the most significant healers in history –abilities allowing him core level access to delete blocks and empower massive, positive and rapid transformation.   Helping thousands all over the world in-person or remotely through seminars, retreats, medi-healings, and private sessions, Mas’ work is powerfully proven. You may feel a shift simply reading this. Be aware: The process may have “detox” effects for some. If you are not ready for potent positive life transformation consider alternate sources. **Jane Sibbett, actress/producer/writer (“Friends”) joins Mas in The Real Why sharing the Pure Source toolbox for exponentially realizing the most blissful potentials available.