Meditation, Defining your Space

by Elizabeth Banfalvi

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/06/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 102
ISBN : 9781452516127

About the Book

The practice of meditation is very fulfilling and can be enhanced by using different, what I call, “helpers.” They help us keep our meditation practice alive, active, and enlivened. Our lives change constantly, and our meditations are able to mirror these changes. Celebrate often and learn to honour these victories. At other times, we go through low points—through loss or dramatic changes—and these “helpers” can help add an encouragement or healing aspect. Whatever the reason, Defining Your Space contains information concerning many different aspects which help us attain what we need or aspire to.
Learn about themes, ceremonies, and rituals. These familiar practices can help keep us coming back often. The more we learn, the better our practice.
Crystals, tarot cards, numerology, colours, and candles add dimension. Astrological elements, time, and directions help us define or change our course. Scents, music, colours, and our senses help guide us to enliven our sensations. Incorporating nature is so important to help keep us grounded and to appreciate what is there for us on this beautiful planet. Whether it is symbology or our senses, incorporating different aspects can help us make life changes.
Use Defining Your Space to help you discover and enjoy many different ways to transform your practice. It is the difference between a simple and a more enhanced practice. Even simplicity can be enhanced.

About the Author

Elizabeth Banfalvi is the author of a series of meditation books. This series is based on her classes and workshops taught for over the last fifteen years. She lives outside Toronto, Canada and is one of the founders of the Mississauga Writers Group.