ASK THIS! Questions for Conversations

by Brandon W. G. Waters

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/04/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781452596419

About the Book

Ask This! The book with crazy questions that won't be half as funny as the answers you'll hear. By pulling out this little black box in your head of over one thousand questions that you read, you'll have your guests laughing out loud and at each other in no time. But you can get deep too. Totally off-the-wall questions will make you laugh and think at the same time. Is kissing sex? How fast is Godspeed? Are yawns contagious? Do you think someone could have faked their own death in 9/11? Some you've heard before, and some may be just worded differently. Is it kitty-corner or kaddy-corner? If you never vote then how can you complain? Did we really land on the moon? What time were you born? So read this, and for about a penny per question you'll have hours of entertainment for you and your friends. The questions are easy to remember, so they're great for starting conversations on a date or at a stressful meeting. Ask This! The book with crazy questions that won't be half as funny as the answers you'll get.

About the Author

Brandon Waters went to nine different elementary schools, so his questions started early in life. Since then his mindset has been to always ask questions, so now at forty-three years old and always having a huge entrepreneurial attitude, he has decided to let the world answer his questions. He has never been married and has no children, and he has been happily residing in south Florida for the last ten years. Prior to relocating to Florida starting in his early twenties he spent several years running a property management company before going out on his own when he had over 20 properties. Among some of his other endeavors that were successful and unsuccessful include a gift store, several restaurants, a limousine company, and a mortgage originator career. His current publications are BOLDYLOXX the Script, Two Moons over Michigan, and his newly released book ASK This! Questions for conversations, from Balboa press. Along with just inventing a new business called, where customers rent instead of buy vehicle tracking equipment. While concurrently working on his other inventions the walking square for the walking impaired and , The IMFL a new automotive sporting league.