Critical Thinking: Totality of Circumstances, Third Edition

by Wayne L. Davis, Paul J. Leslie & Jacquelyn L. Davis

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/05/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 206
ISBN : 9781452596587

About the Book

This book provides an overview of effectively understanding information. One goal of this book is for law enforcers to understand the legality of their actions via math, grammar, and logic. This book applies math and English to the law so that police officers may effectively articulate their actions in court. For example, specific laws and police actions can be evaluated via truth tables and Venn Diagrams. Some of the factors that can influence the value of information include assumptions, limitations, different lenses of truth, different ethical systems, different police department orientations, and the format in which the data are presented. For example, a suspect may attempt to mislead an officer by using existential and universal quantifiers and by using the converse of conditional statements. Another goal of this book is to apply basic math skills to common law enforcement scenarios. For example, the methods of determining angles, distances, and speeds are presented.

About the Author

Wayne L. Davis holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, a master of science in business administration, and a PhD in criminal justice. Dr. Davis has graduated from city, state, and federal law enforcement academies. Dr. Davis has received the US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner’s Award, the US Customs and Border Protection Scholastic Award, and he was a field-training officer with the Indiana State Police. Paul J. Leslie holds a bachelor of arts in history from Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah, Georgia, and a doctorate in counseling psychology from Argosy University in Sarasota, Florida. Currently, Dr. Leslie serves as academic coordinator of psychology at Aiken Technical College. In addition, Dr. Leslie is a licensed counselor and a human services board certified practitioner. Jacquelyn L. Davis holds a bachelor of science in neuroscience from the University of Michigan. She has worked in the Health System Department of Neurology Laboratory at the University of Michigan, she has volunteered at the YWCA as a sexual assault advocate, and she has tutored students in the sciences. She currently works at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Michigan as a patient care assistant in surgical services in the cancer department.