Your Energy

The True Source of Self-empowerment

by Therese Pares

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/06/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 214
ISBN : 9781452513430

About the Book

As you begin raising your consciousness and bringing your awareness to your energetic self, it soon becomes clear that the only sustainable source of power is you. This means that you—and only you—have the power to change your situation. In Energy: The Key to Personal Empowerment, author Therese Pares explores this idea and its ramifications for your life.

Every action you take and every thought you have uses your personal energy. You place energetic intention behind everything you do—sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. If your current way of doing something or interacting with someone isn’t working, then it is time to become aware of your energetic intentions. Your focus should be not your behaviour, but instead on what drives that behaviour.

This guide encourages you to ask questions that raise your self-awareness and enable you to experience the energy dimension that exists. It outlines practical actions that you can take to change your life. You should never stop learning, exploring, and being committed to your own journey. By putting these habits into practice, you can retain and benefit from more of your personal power.

About the Author

Therese Pares has more than thirteen years of experience working in change and project management. Therese offers coaching and support to those looking to experience energy paradigms. With her grounded approach, she is inspiring both individuals and teams to challenge their current realities. Therese currently lives in Sydney, Australia, with her partner.