Conversations With Mediums

by Scott Podmore

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/02/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 290
ISBN : 9781452512471

About the Book

What happens when we die? Are loved ones still around us after they pass? How do babies represent as souls? What about our pets—do they wait for us on the “other side”? The world of mediumship has polarized people throughout history, and whether you believe or not, science is starting to take notice and is setting about investigating all possibilities. Bestselling author Scott Podmore returns after a two-year project in which he interviewed more than thirty mediums all over the planet from differing socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures.

In this book, he selects twelve of the “conversations” that took place, and all have a similar line of topics in his aim to find threads of consistency—or inconsistencies. Coming from a standpoint of giving these mediums the benefit of the doubt, he provides a forum to discuss their alleged abilities that cover areas including spirituality, psychic predictions, physical mediumship, electronic voice phenomena, trance, and more.

Podmore delves deep into the world of spiritual mediumship with probing yet respectful questions, in a mission to discover how it all works. He encounters many surprises along the way that may even change your own belief systems, help readers understand their own adversities, find emotional healing, or enrich their lives with new meaning and hope.

About the Author

Scott Podmore is a two-time bestselling author and globally renowned writer, producer, and editor in the fields of travel, entertainment, and food and wine. He is the owner of October Grey Media, and his other book titles include Icons of Australian Music: Jimmy Barnes, 101 Great Websites to Save You $$$, One Pot Screamers, and Pub Grub Classics.