“Leavening Thought” Based on Learned Unity Truths

by Carolyn Dallas-White

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/02/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 82
ISBN : 9781452589596

About the Book

Unity truth is the fulcrum for the woman I have most gainfully evolved into today. I have happily come into my own. My Unity studies have been the basis for my expansion into Kabbalah, metaphysics and my experiencing the quantum leap. Ever the Worrywart, learning later, worry can be related to creativity and the sensitive. I have been lifelong inventive, from imaginary friends as a small child to the onset of my writing—short stories about the Beatles as a teen, culminating with two plays in two years. I have come a long way since my doubting days of braces and eyeglasses. Unity has gifted me my center and most sacred perception. I feel His presence guiding me. I’ve learned to hand my troubles over to God, the Father, providing rescue, respite, release, and renewal; newfound wisdom and gifted intuition. In His all-knowing hands, my life will unveil according to divine plans. I trust in the Lord, the Almighty, molded in His gentle hands. My weekly return to Unity for my spiritual boost and affirmation encourages creativity, clarity, and vision. I never dreamed I would be so fulfilled at sixty-two. I am, due to a lifted “Leavening Thought” consciousness. It is truly amazing that the Unity lesson reflects upon and even encompasses my week. His miracles, abounding.

About the Author

Master of my fate, I have crossed the threshold to higher consciousness. Imagine—Believe, due to Unity, lifting me into the realm of ask to receive. When confronted with a challenge, my aura of protection comforts me. I’ve learned to control thought, praise be, immersed in His Holy Spirit.