Confessions of a Melbourne Commuter

by Renelo Drummer

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/03/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 214
ISBN : 9781504306812

About the Book

Each entry has its own title based on the highlights for that day. For example, one entry is called Phlegm. There was this guy who coughed out his phlegm and spat it out on the train floor in front of another passenger. Another example is entitled B.O. A guy who was standing next to Renelo, put on his surgical mask and looked at him. Renelo thought that he was sending him a message that he had B.O. Renelo was pretty sure he showered that morning. He just ignored him.

During the writing of this travel diary, Renelo realised that he was trying to force himself to be someone he’s not. He doesn’t like watching other people’s activities on the train. He certainly doesn’t like to listen to other people’s conversations. He was doing it because he promised himself to complete this project. He doesn’t want to start something that he can’t finish, unless there is any plausible excuse.

Discover how Renelo went through the most embarrassing, disgusting, funniest and weirdest train travels.

About the Author

It’s been a while since RENELO DRUMMER used to catch the train to Melbourne for work. When he accepted a new job in 2014, he knew that he would be commuting to Melbourne again. Pictures of people doing different things flashed in his mind. Yelling, chatting, sneezing, staring at other people (crap!), picking their noses (what the!), scratching their __ __ __ __ (unbelievable!), among others.

During his travels in the first couple of weeks, he noticed other passengers do strange things on the train. A lot crazier than what he initially thought. The conversations people were having, became more interesting. That’s when he decided to create a travel diary on his phone and started writing down what he saw and heard on the train and tram.