Ascension Light Codes

The Will of Fire

by Greg P Clarke

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/11/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 468
ISBN : 9781452512143

About the Book

The journey is fraught with many dangers; the chances of success are slim. But the servants of the Earth spirit know that they are the only hope for the planet’s ascension. To succeed, they must find the sacred Golden Spiral and the Earth’s light codes before the scheming Destroyer does. The quest will take them to the spiritual dimensions of other worlds aboard a soul ship called Auroras, chartered by High Command.

The servants come from all different walks of life. They have been visited by the celestial spirits of their families’ spiritual DNA, in preparation for the task ahead. The group must travel to the Spiritual Emperor’s palace, and then on to Warrior Mountain, where the supreme Shakti Angel guards the sacred gemstone known as the Will of Fire.

Back on Earth, the clock is ticking. The world’s portals have been shut down by terrorists, leaving soul ships backed up with their cargo. Meanwhile, Earth’s precious resources of love—which it sells on the intergalactic markets and relies on for trade and security—have been suspended.

Only the team aboard the Auroras can restore balance to the world and prevent the Destroyer from claiming victory over light itself.

About the Author

Greg P. Clarke was born in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia. After a serious accident ended his career as a carpenter, builder, and certified master of trading and fishing vessels, he took up writing. He now lives in Ocean Shores, Australia.