A Handbook for Gardening with Subtle-Energies

by Don Elwood

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Language : English
Publication Date : 16/07/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781452576190

About the Book

The Mayan God Kings had been blessing the crops of Maya with Reiki prayers when the white brothers from Europe arrived.  It was decided to keep the details of Reiki Prayers a secret from the white brothers until the Age of Pisces was over.  They etched secrets of the Reiki Prayer process, onto coded glyphs on an animal skin called, the Dresden Codex.  See the illustration from the Dresden Codex, on the back cover, of a Mayan God King praying or their crops. They predicted that the secrets would again be deciphered by December 12, 2012.

Man is the only triune being in the animal kingdom.  He consists of a conscious self (the only self that communicates in languages), a subconscious self, which communicates by emotions, and, a HIGH SELF (or the Father above.) All three are involved in a Reiki + MANNA prayer task. The conscious self must first describe the prayer, in terms the subconscious self relates to. He then imagines he is standing in water. (MANNA is interpreted by the subconscious self, as a prayer substance (i.e. like WATER.) that can flow up thru a tube.) The conscious self notifies his subconscious self, to: accumulate manna through breathing cycles , send it up the Aka cord, (i.e. in the back), up to the HIGH SELF above, and ask the “HIGH SELF” to accumulate MANNA, MANNA, LOA, and request  God to rain down the prayer results, to the earth below.

The lower right, symbolizes a man reincarnated during the Age of Aquarius , standing in water  with his back to us, (i.e. symbolizing the AKA cord up his back), using both HANDS, (for praying) to obtain heavenly responses (i.e. stars, in the water from the jug), as it flows down to the earth below. According to the book, Knocking At The Gate, it is the Age when:

  1. Man can ascend into Heaven WHILE STILL ALIVE, as Jesus suggested.
  2. Extra terrestrials will help evacuate people to other planets before God makes necessary changes to the earth, and after the Earth changes have been made, return them.
  3.  And, if you are still here, do as the Christian Bible says: RUN, don’t walk, to the mountains, and grow a garden in your back yard.

About the Author

or 25 years the author, an industrial engineer, researched various garden designs, techniques and strategies for obtaining the most food for the least cost, energy and garden space.