'Whatever Happened to George?'

After all, it is only our thoughts that separate us from each other, and a place of everlasting love

by Lynda Goodwin & Michael Goodwin

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/04/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 204
ISBN : 9781452571072

About the Book

George Eastwood is a fifty-two year old, middle-aged man, husband and proud father of two grown children.

George has been brought up within the old traditional values of working hard for a living and getting on with life, no matter what it may throw at you. The problem is life is not being very kind to him at the moment: he is getting older, out of work and the demands of family life are pushing him to the edge of despair. He feels anxious and depressed and can’t seem to look forward to anything that can make him feel better.

Then, one day, he finds himself on his way to a job interview with a promise that it could be just what he needs to turn his life around. As he rushes to cross the busy road to catch his train, he is helplessly hacked down by a speeding car driven by a seventeen year old drop-out.

George’s story continues as he wakes up in strange surroundings: an old Library containing the knowledge of the universe. It is within this place of ‘no time’ but ‘all time’ that he looks around believing he is ‘dead’ but yet ‘not dead’ . . . and then the strangest of occurrences takes place. He is confronted by a voice that speaks to him of his true destiny; a voice that gives reason to a world that has become confused and lost within the false identity that has created it.

He is astounded as a friendship is pulled together, and the big fundamental questions of who we truly are and our purpose upon the earth are revealed to him in a series of conversations and reflections that lead him towards peace, forgiveness, the relinquishment of fear and finally to know that life can be ‘happy’ on the earth plane, when the ‘false self’ that has held us tightly in its grip for thousands of years is finally released.

George is fascinated by the voice that holds all the answers to a freedom that has been long lost, but, even more astonished to know that the voice is his own . . . . . his own ‘true self’.

About the Author

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Michael and Lynda Goodwin and for many years now we have been following the feelings of our hearts which have taken us to a greater depth of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. It has been through this personal evolution that the writing of 'Whatever Happened to George?' was inspired, with the greatest of wishes to help develop the light of spiritually in others.

With consideration for the natural changes that Mother Earth is bringing about and with the lighter energies from the universe already upon us, it is our great desire to assist in the exciting spiritual revolution in the best way we know how.

We made the choice to retire from work at a relatively early age, now being 60 and 59 respectively, and have recently moved home to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Michael is a keen amateur musician and lyricist, Lynda's passion is painting, especially in oils. Walking and exercising has become part of our daily routine. We have been married for 28 years and have one daughter and two granddaughters.