The Mystical Manifestations of Morgan

by Corinna Diamond

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/12/2012

About the Book

This book is about Morgan, an enchanting little girl whose surroundings and background are quite ordinary, as she lives in a very plain house in an industrial town in Canada. Her situation might even be described as uninspiring and oppressive. However, Morgan is a gifted girl, and she uses her thoughts to manifest what she wants for herself. Morgan is always grateful for what she has, and she thinks positively. She figures out that she has the power to create a magnificent life for herself, regardless of what her current situation may be.

About the Author

Corinna Diamond has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Alberta. She has consciously been exploring her own spirituality for twenty-two years, and she wrote this book with the intention of instilling some spiritual concepts into the minds of young readers. The Mystical Manifestations of Morgan encourages one to dream. Corinna is a figure skater and figure-skating coach. One of her greatest accomplishments in figure skating was placing third at the 2007 ISU Adult World Figure Skating Championships in the ladies’ singles event. Corinna currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She works part time as a healthcare professional. Aside from writing, figure skating, and being a healthcare professional, she loves to pursue her other creative interests, such as singing, music, and drawing. She has been physically active her entire life, and she is passionate about being physically active outside in nature. She is passionate about preserving our planet.

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