Uncommon Prose

Poems, Quotes, and Soul Antidotes

by Dianne Claire Charpentier

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 29/11/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 96
ISBN : 9781452563442

About the Book

Uncommon Prose defined:

Poems, Quotes, and Soul Antidotes is Dianne’s first book. It is a compilation of much of Dianne’s life lessons presented as poetry (uncommon prose). In this book, she offers her musings of this world through her honest eyes and pen. Also included are her own quoted observations as a co-participant in humankind. Lastly, her Soul Antidotes are written in the true form of prose. The themes of this book are life based right from the heart, as Dianne engages both common and uncommon prose for the art and pleasure of it. This writing endeavor has been instrumental as a means to decipher the deeper meanings in life, perhaps for many of us. It involves love, loss, friendship, faith, hope, and the expansion of soul. May it be both entertaining and enlightening to you and your life experience as you go along for the read.

An excerpt from the book:

I Feel; Therefore, I Know I Am

And my pen wrote: Although the step before me is not yet known, I feel my feet on my path. I know I am on my path. I saw a mother holding her new baby in her arms; I felt love. Although I am neither mother nor baby, I feel love. I know love. I saw a man crying on the bus, so deep was his pain. I know not the source of his sorrow, yet I felt his pain. I know pain. Walking, I saw a tree dancing in the wind; it motioned, dance with me. I did not hear the invitation; I felt it. And together we danced. Are these mere memories or something deeper shared by all humankind in the kingdom outside the mind?

About the Author

I was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Rhode Island is nestled near the heart of New England. This is the east coast region of the United States of America. Here in New England we are so very fortunate to enjoy the four seasons; in their utmost magnificence. Winter, spring, summer and fall; parading the fullness of their season for anyone who will take notice and blessing from them. I did both. I became intimate with nature and all of its creatures.
I was the second born of four children during the 60’s and lived in a 3 bedroom cottage with my family. I loved to swim, camp, hike, horseback riding, skating, skiing, sledding and more; I loved to play and I loved adventure. Luckily, I was raised by a mother and father who loved much of the same. I was but a little girl when my father started to take the family camping and exploring with tents. One tent for the guests (us) and one tent for the provisions needed. I was able to explore much of the North East Coast Region with eager curiosity. The forest became my second, sacred, home. I revered the mountains and the rocks and crystals that were born from them mating with minerals and air. I adored the rivers and lakes and the ocean whence they all came from and flowed to. I especially noticed the ocean and the forest denied no-one.
The second lover in my life was the spirit of music. I fell deeply in love with this spirit; absolutely without reserve. One of the dearest friends I have known, I often profess with contrite devotion. This spirit of music moved through me and gave birth to my inner voice. I took this voice to pen and paper.
It was shortly after this time, I began to seek after the true spirit of beings. I was born an Aquarian at the dawn of the Aquarian age which certainly must have played a rule in my life. I was most assuredly a truth-seeker and a water-bearer. I studied all subjects surrounding the belief systems of humankind as I sought after my own intrinsic truth. However, I did not follow the letters of the law; I was inticed by the spirit of the law. In doing so, I felt the compassionate forgiving hand of Jesus, tasted the truth of Buddha. Danced with Shiva, and learned to laugh at myself and my shortcomings with the angels and get on with living. I learned how fear had been the scoundrel dwelling unnoticed within my very own thoughts. I learned I had been trying to be what others wanted me to be; forfeiting my true identity. I now seize my thoughts with regard, earnest and purpose. Many have found my shared musings and observations to be quite inspiring, very amusing and even motivating. That is my wish for you.