The Sacred Body Factories

by Betsy Adams (Shoh Nah Hah Lieh)

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Language : English
Publication Date : 25/07/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781452554747

About the Book

The Sacred Body Factories and the Creations of these eons old Arisings here in our Universe and beyond, are home to our Created Sacred Vessel – our Sacred Body. As Soul, each of us chooses to explore what it is like to be “in” a Sacred Vessel, exploring an Ego Field that has as its primary ingredient no longer Feeling The Love We Are.

This present work of nonfiction explores the content and Creative Manifestations of The Sacred Body Factories as well as the consequences of being in a Sacred Vessel, with its accommodative Sacred Nodal Energies, while “forgetting” Who/What We Really Are.

Each of us is a mutually agreed- to Co-Creation of the Soul/Body Matrix with the Cosmos, and hence to honor, accept, allow, and above all else, LOVE Unconditionally this Unique Creation is critical. How we Relate to the experiences we are having here in this Ego Field while feeling so cut off from the Love We Are is deeply explored in this work… “Things Happen” “We evolve” We do and say and create many things based in not Loving the self.

Everything that is Created within the Sacred Body Factories, we are Co-Creating with Our Creator and with the many billions of personnel who work within and for The Sacred Body Factories - of which there are countless numbers all over the Universes. In fact, we are ourselves among these Beings who work within the Sacred Matrices of Love that so Create. We have been Gifted with many levels of experience in which to explore in this Universe and Beyond. Enjoy Your Sacredness, Your Sacred Body. Tend it Lovingly, with Great Care, Great Compassion and Consciousness. For You Created It and You are Lovingly Responsible for It.

God Bless Shoh Nah

About the Author

BETSY ADAMS (SHOH NAH HAH LIEH) has, since infancy lived deeply and feelingly “IN” Nature, the Expressions of Nature, that arise here in our present home, Planet Earth. She has worked with Nature, Animals, Humans in her consulting practice of over 30 years, and has degrees in Evolutionary Ecology and Creative Writing. She lives with her family in Michigan.

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