The Third Vision

The science of personal transformation

by Dr. Francis H. Vala MD

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Language : English
Publication Date : 14/12/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 282
ISBN : 9781452563954
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 282
ISBN : 9781452563978

About the Book

This book introduces a new vision—a simple and comprehensive approach to understanding different aspects of humanity, and the complexities of this world, exemplified by a collection of extraordinary stories, and supported by a pile of science and evidence.

For thousands of years, humanity has been suffering from illnesses at individual, societal, and international levels. Anxiety, depression, prostitution, crime, and worldwide wars are only a few of these examples. Despite hundreds of spiritual, religious, and non-religious leaders, and in spite of tremendous advancements in science and technology, our collective problems are only growing. The question is why. What are we missing? The root of these problems points to one common element—not fully understanding the multidimensional human being. We cannot solve the dilemmas of humanity with the same mind that created them!

This book is intended to help the general population explore some of the most complex mysteries of our world and seemingly unsolvable problems created by mankind. It provides a fast track for personal and global transformation based on science and evidence, using a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model. Many concepts have been borrowed from outstanding scientists, philosophers, researchers, teachers, and leaders in the past and present, and a few more have been added by the author.

About the Author

Francis (Farsheed) H. Vala is passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives. He obtained his MD degree at the age of twenty-five to serve his nation. Since age eighteen, he has been intrigued to find answers to some of the most profound inquiries posed by mankind …“what is life all about?”, “what is the meaning and purpose of life?”, “why do people behave the way they do?”, “does karma exist, and what is the science behind it?”, and so on.

His mission: to promote global education and awareness. His vision: “I am a global citizen, and we are all Earthians! I am not prepared to die without a contribution to the world—change for a better humanity, and a more peaceful planet!”

In 2002, his father’s sudden death came as a shock. Emotionally motivated, Francis was determined to resume his journey through a more scientific approach, and attempted to put together the pieces of “the puzzle of life”. He started accumulating evidence and research to some of the most profound and unexplained concepts in humanity. By 2009, the pieces of the puzzle collected enabled him to make sense of the big picture. He then began writing this book, which was completed in 2012.