Journey to the Fifth Dimension—A Divine Journey

Nephelon Galaxy

by Maria Zavou

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Language : English
Publication Date : 22/03/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 324
ISBN : 9781452546209

About the Book



A true transcendental journey to the homeland of the psyche…




To the dimension where the future is grounded…



The Fifth dimension is an inner dimension which is administered by the divine essence of the universe, with thousands of galaxies. The so called Nefelon Galaxy has millions of stars, all of them inhabited. All of the stars pulsate with high frequencies and belong to spheres of different perception. There exist forms; though the molecular synthesis is more subtle.


The Nephelon Galaxy is the world of the completed existence, where future mutations are planned and ascertained. It is there that everything is materialized and then channeled to open-minded people on Earth.


As time travelers, we can now journey to the wonderful planets of the Nephelon Galaxy, and participate in advanced programs of self-awareness and transmutation to receive divine genetic proto-forms through hyper frequencies.


Divine power is therefore activated from these advanced programs, and the participants develop hyper awareness and intellect. Thus, their neurons are transformed, certain charismas appear, and creation and material abundance emerge within the people who experience psychic and spiritual advancement; love is upgraded.


The high frequency vibrations activate the union of soul-mates, bonded with love energy of a higher level, while women’s uteruses are mutated in order to bear crystalline souls.


The rising number of births of crystalline souls defines a new circle of Earth’s evolution and development—preparing the way for the meta-humans.


This book contains secret keys, which constitute codes for mutation and transformation—codes that activate the psychic archives of people. Thus its readers, unconsciously, go through the initiation stages and ascend evolutionary levels.

About the Author

Maria Zavou was born in Piraeus, Hellas. She is a painter and writer. In 1985, she had her first experience of higher communication through channeling with angelic fields. In 1999 she established her school, an Academy of Fifth-Dimensional Angelic Initiation, concerning DNA transmutation and awakening. She has written six books.