Channeled paintings and messages of love from the he(art) brush of the Soul

by Vanessa Brownbridge

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/11/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781452557564

About the Book

With its striking visual messages and loving words of wisdom, this insightful book presents the love and healing influences that co-exist simultaneously with the war-rior’ stimuli that create rage, chaos and conflict in our everyday lives. Our moment to moment choices allow these energies to manifest themselves and create the now and future of our intent. It is a loving communication … an open invitation from Angelic Source Energy to examine closely how we think, for in every given moment we are channels for a constant, dynamic and fluid creating power that manifests our material world. The paintings in Symbols of the White Dove provide the reader with a detailed, graphic representation of what it is that we reach out to with the power of our thoughts, vis-à-vis our relationship to light and dark, and how, in a dualistic setting, we are firmly linked to both. Offering a rare symbolic perspective tailored to bring into 3D awareness all that we give our attention and intention to, the images clarify the importance of forgiveness and the release of all that we think that we are not, and reveal more of all that we are. More significantly, it will allow you to unravel the truth and wisdom of your own heart’s journey and better appreciate the singular uniqueness and design of all human expression, whatever the face it wears. “Beautifully set down through art and text, Vanessa Brownbridge’s messages teach fulfillment through compassion, transcendence through forgiveness, and truth through the divine vitality that produces and restores life—love. The inspirational experiences in Symbols of the White Dove journey through a global negativity rendered powerless by our refusal to believe in it and travel through a unity of all beings which comes from within: what is conveyed in this important work reveals the mysterious beauty that still remains and articulates our infinite potential to set ourselves free, if only we will.” —Cynthia Gagne, BA, B Ed, MA

About the Author

An ardent truth-seeker and Course In Miracles practitioner, Vanessa Brownbridge was born in Kenya, and has lived in England, America, New Zealand and Canada. Through daily meditation, she experienced a full Kundalini awakening, which led to the co-creation of channeled painted messages from the Arc Angels and The Ascended Masters. She is currently working on a companion book to Symbols Of The White Dove.