365 Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Quotes that touch the heart and empower the soul

by Marlon A. Greer

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Language : English
Publication Date : 24/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 226
ISBN : 9781452557762

About the Book

This book was written and these quotes were created and compiled with the hopes of inspiring, empowering, motivating, as well as encouraging everyone who reads it. Remember, it’s never too late to be the person that you thought you should have been. As long as you have your breath, your mind and the ability to choose, all the grandeurs of life is merely a thought away.

Life is not about your family upbringing or lack thereof; It’s not about blaming others for your current situation. No matter where you are today, you are in the driver’s seat in creating a better tomorrow. You are in an excellent position because you have the ability to change your life in any given moment by changing your thought process. These quotes can assist you in remembering all the power that you possess and will aid you with the process of accessing that power that we all possess within us. These quotes are from individuals who have had a profound impact on not only my life but the world as we know it. These individuals are trailblazers, innovators and creators who have helped shape the world through their inspired thoughts and subsequent actions. What will your legacy be? It’s up to you and only you.

About the Author

Father, Entertainment consultant, Actor, Teacher, Children’s Advocate, Film Producer and Author are a few titles to describes this true Renaissance man Marlon “Flip” Greer. Marlon always knew that he had something different to contribute to the world as a young child. After a successful career as a recording artist, Marlon Greer started his own management and consulting company Flipside Entertainment in 2004. After years of navigating the careers of many of the top recording artists and sport athletes and with his vast experience in education and the entertainment industry, this multi-talented manager/consultant decided to take his business savvy and devote more time to youth empowerment thus he founded Project R.E.A.D in June 2007. This program was designed to impact urban inner city youth, ages 12-18 through a comprehensive life-skills program that utilizes music and the arts as a mechanism to empower youth in the areas of academics, health education, career planning and social awareness.

Never resting on his loins, Mr. Greer decided to take his hobby of writing poetry as a child and love of assisting others and started writing quotes in which he would send out to his friends. After seeing the impact that his quotes were having on his circle Marlon decided to take the quotes that inspired him along with the ones that he created himself and developed 365 inspirational quotes that touch the heart and empower the soul. The objective of this book is to provide all readers with a great way to start off their days on a positive note through inspirational quotes that would provide thought provoking questions and assist all who read it to self analyze and deliberately create the type of life that they want for themselves and not to merely live life by default. I’m thoroughly convinced All the answers that we seek totally comes from within there’s nothing outside of us so therefore there’s not too much learning we have to do on our parts, I believe our jobs while we’re here in this present space reality is to simply remember and locate all that we posses within us and to navigate through life with our internal guidance systems.

By possessing creative ability, professionalism and a strong work ethic Marlon “Flip” Greer will continue to separate himself from the rest of the pack through creative and innovative projects that promote freedom of self expression.