The Dreams of Our Dreaming

by Allan Sankirtan

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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/01/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 208
ISBN : 9781452506081

About the Book

The Dreams of Our Dreaming

In the Dreams of our Dreaming,
The blueprint was set,
Of all that we could be,
Though we aren’t there yet …

Inspired by a lifetime of dreams, this book is a compilation of inspirational and personal poetry and essays, written over many years, the stories lovingly arranged to take you through many of the common experiences of life.

Allan says: "I prepared this book simply because the stories are so beautiful and meaningful, that they need to be shared with others. I want the world to know that there is an alternative way of thinking and acting. The messages are relevant to all people, and speak directly to people of all cultures. In many cases they have been rearranged slightly from the original text, so that when you read them, you feel as if you are sitting back, speaking with an old friend you can trust."

This collection of prose, poetry and short stories has been thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages, from four to one hundred and four. Even people who normally never read poetry have felt moved to read this book.

Feedback received from many readers highlights the effectiveness of the messages contained, as many people have commented that the text seems to speak to them directly, delivering to them a personal message that brings inspiration and courage in times of need.

Join Allan for “a special journey through life and dreams with a natural flow that feels guided by spirit.”

“This work of poetry new age/self help is an amazing and inspiring read from start to finish. The work takes the reader on a special journey through life and dreams with a natural flow that feels guided by spirit. The poems cover a wide range of issues from relationships, soul mates, and nature to the power of choice, time and lessons to name just a few. The poems are deep and meaningful and would appeal to all ages and cultures; which is unique in this genre.

“The Dreams of Our Dreaming is a highly accomplished work.”
— Zeus Publications, 2010.
“The blurb promised me a ‘special journey through life and dreams with a natural flow that feels guided by spirit’. The book delivered on the promise with beautiful poems and a feeling of serenity throughout my reading. The focus is on the concept that we are all one and the same with many writings (poems and essays) weaving together subjects such as relationships, soul mates, nature, the power of choice, time and soul lessons. This book will appeal to those of any culture and age, particularly those contemplating new age concepts and opening to a spiritual awareness.”
— Anne Aleckson for Insight magazine, September 2010

About the Author

Allan Sankirtan’s lifelong interest in dream interpretation and the symbolism underpinning language, pictographs, and sacred art drives his fiction. A civil engineer by profession, his interests include mythology, astrology, common cultural beliefs, sacred geometry and mathematics, and assisting people in understanding the nature of the dreaming self.