Your Soul Is Calling You

Inspirational past life regression stories


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Language : English
Publication Date : 20/03/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781452503271

About the Book

A hush came over the audience as Lightening Bear spoke. An arresting figure, over six feet tall with long braids flanking his angular body, he quietly surveyed the audience for several minutes. You could sense that there wasn’t one tiny detail that those deep set, hooded eyes missed as his gaze rested thoughtfully on the audience. ‘I see some of you wear eagle feathers in your hats,’ he said. ‘In our culture, eagle feathers have to be earned and are a mark of the great respect given to that person. You must look amongst your own stories for your answers,’ he said gently. ‘We cannot help you with your search for your own spirituality, but we will respect your customs and your ways and we are willing to share our knowledge and work together to ensure the survival of our Mother Earth.’

My first soul call came directly from this experience as a deep, spiritual yearning for information and stories about my own Celtic background and led to my travels up Saint Michael’s line in England to many sacred sites. The second soul call came later, when I picked up one of Brian Weiss’s books and ‘knew,’ without a shadow of doubt, that I would train with him in America and take his regression work with me to Australia.

The book begins with my own story and the healing that his workshop brought to me and goes on to include regression stories from those that I have worked with – real stories about real people. My hope is that these inspirational stories will encourage people to make their own journeys of connection – wherever that may lead them.

“It’s very gratifying to have our student and colleague, Valarie, continue this work in Australia and write such a delightful book.” Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

About the Author

Valarie is a fully qualified psychologist and hypnotherapist who lives and works in the beautiful state of Western Australia.

Her passion is in helping people heal through a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy. She has a particular interest in regression therapy which uses hypnosis to uncover spiritual lessons and blocks to progress in this lifetime.

She travelled all the way to America to train with Brian Weiss, one of the World’s leading regression therapists and author of several life changing books including ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and ‘Through Time into Healing”. Later, she followed this up with a diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Milton Erickson Institute in WA. This enabled her to broaden the application of her hypnotherapy work to include the use of hypnosis for health and lifestyle goals.

Valarie’s deep commitment to healing, both at an individual and planetary level, is reflected in her private psychology practices in Perth and Bunbury, her artwork and her teaching.