The Awakening of a Warrior-angel

by Meckron Seraph

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/09/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781452539027

About the Book

Through the noise of an everyday life, it is hard to hear the calling of the divine mission of your incarnation.

A teenage boy suddenly starts to hear his guardian angel and enters into a miraculous world that is invisible to the untrained eye. Through the angelic instruction about the spiritual, mental, and physical training of a warrior-angel, he discovers his inner strength, his origin as an incarnated angel, the truth between the simple everyday life situations and the amazing abilities that a child of God—a human being—possesses.

This inspirational real-life story will take you into the lightful world, where everyone can find a true path and the inner wisdom of a divine being that you are, lifting your life to a higher level of being and vibration to walk your path to the enlightenment for the greater good and prosperity of the world.

This humorous book also provides the knowledge from the angelic realms, the secrets of the manifestation, philosophic conversations with a guardian angel, the simple steps to improve yourself on every level and find your way back to your divine state of being, and, of course—a love story.

About the Author

Meckron Seraph is a psychic angelic therapist and a spiritual counselor who communicates directly with the angels and works in the angelic realms to help people to a higher level of self-understanding and to their state of divine being.

He is a one of the founders of a spiritual nonprofit organization in Estonia called The Angelic-help Society, which was created to help people to their higher life-meaning, and how to manifest their lives to the greater good and prosperity of the world.

Through the seminars, the angelic therapy sessions, and the spiritual forum, he has helped thousands of people find their true mission in life and walk their divine path.

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