Akashic Therapy

Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

by Amanda Romania

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 15/09/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781452536606

About the Book

This is not a book about words, it is coded with transmissions of sacred energy. if are guided to connect with this book it works with your energy matrix within you and around you. Once your heart opens with this golden energy you are connected to the frequency. Your dreams deepen and your intuitive sight grows. Akashic therapy works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future, and between-life lives for healing, clearing, and clarity. The Akashic Records is the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our reincarnations. This book is a simple how-to journey to allow those on their spiritual quest to read their own records and connect with the other dimensions of the universe. Akashic Therapy has provided support to many on their spiritual path and has been used by many of todays inspirational leaders such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Shannon Kring Buset. Author Amanda Romania has a passion and purpose to support others on their spiritual journey. She uses her gifts and wisdom in Akashic Therapy to engage individuals with their heart and essence. Amanda teaches how to understand universal energy and how to apply this to everyday life. As you move gently through this empowering workbook, you can develop skills to use all your spiritual gifts and senses to find an inner peace and understanding of your spiritual purpose at this time. You will give a voice to your subconscious like it has never experienced before and learn a method to gift positive affirmation into your life at a deeper level. Amanda’s experience with the Akashic records is extensive; over the past decade she has worked with indigenous elders and shamans in the realm of sacred site energy, ritual, and Egyptian initiation. She shares her knowledge throughout the chapters. Many of us experienced past lives and soul connections with Egypt; Amanda has led many though their Akashic journey in the sacred temples and pyramids. Now, she opens the veils to the mysteries of this ancient time and allows the reader to connect and fly a magical carpet in her Akashic journey to Egypt. This book also includes case studies and client reactions to this amazing, gentle work.

About the Author

Amanda Romania is an international intuitve healer, doctor of metaphysics, and Akashic reader. For the past decade she has worked with indigenous elders and shamans in the realm of sacred site energy, ritual, and Egyptian initiation. Amanda lives with her husband and children in Sedona Arizona in the United States of America.