How the Spirits Aligned: Shawn Leonard's Journey from Balboa Press to Hay House Author

Spirit Talker

Shawn Leonard, a proud member of the Mi'kmaq indigenous community, has made Nova Scotia his home. His heritage and cultural identity, deeply rooted in the Mi'kmaq community, are not just a part of his life, but also a significant influence on his work. As a status Mi'kmaq person from Eastern Canada, Shawn's cultural tradition of sharing wisdom, knowledge, and stories is a guiding principle in his life and work.

Shawn's journey as an author is a testament to his unique experiences and insights as a spirit talker and psychic medium. Driven by a profound desire to share these unique perspectives, he embarked on his writing journey, self-publishing his first book, The Language of Spirit, with Balboa Press. His work, a reflection of his unique journey, gained recognition and was later acquired by Hay House, where it was retitled Spirit Talker.

Shawn Leonard

Motivated to share what he has learned to serve others

Reflecting on his motivation to write, Shawn says, "I think as an indigenous person in Canada, part of our culture is to share wisdom, knowledge, and stories. Part of who we are as beings is to share what we know. To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer, a Hay House author, 'Don't die with your music still inside you.' Now, I don't have music. I'm not that musical. But if you can equate music to wisdom and knowledge, it should be shared if you have been given this experience."

Choosing Balboa was the first step

I really thought about getting out there in the traditional way, but I thought, I really I just want to share my story. And I found Balboa Press the easiest way to do that. So I published with Balboa Press with the hopes that maybe one day it would all work out some way. I didn't have a plan on how that was going to work out or I didn't have aspirations thinking, Okay, well, Balboa is going to do this. I just did it and it all worked out.

Hay House comes calling

After promoting his book through local bookstores, speaking at live engagements and events, and even launching his own TV show in Canada called Spirit Talker, he captured the attention of Hay House and his book was subsequently acquired and he is now a Hay House author.

Through his book Spirit Talker, Shawn Leonard continues to share his journey, heritage, and the wisdom he has gained over the years. His work is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of preserving and sharing your knowledge and experiences with the world.

“I really thought about getting out there in the traditional way, but I thought, I really just want to share my story. And I found Balboa Press the easiest way to do that.”

– Shawn Leonard, author of Spirit Talker, indigenous medium, host of TV show Spirit Talker, speaker, and teacher of Spirit Talker Tribe

Spirt Talker Book Cover

Local promotion leads to bigger things

Promoting your book locally can be highly effective, as demonstrated by Shawn Leonard. He began by reaching out to local bookstores like Indigo Chapters in Canada, arranging book signings, and ensuring his book was available for order. This grassroots approach helped him build a local following and gain confidence, eventually leading to a nationwide expansion and significant opportunities, including a TV show, Spirit Talker, on an indigenous channel in Canada.

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