“I AM” Imagination, Action, Memorization

The Way to Your Absolute Best

by Clarita Bassett

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Language : English
Publication Date : 16/05/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781982225810
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 122
ISBN : 9781982225827

About the Book

I AM, Imagination, Action, Memorization—The Way to Your Absolute Best is a step-by-step guide to developing the power that makes your dreams come true. Clarita Bassett’s book teaches you how to use and develop your imagination to bend reality. Her formulas and techniques help you manifest your greatest desires. You are the master of your dreams, and the power to make life feel like a dream is within your grasp. Learn how to set, act, and track goals meant to lead you to your biggest and loftiest dreams. Develop discipline and prepare to do what’s necessary to stay ahead of the crowd. Train your body, mind, and spirit to seek and respond to positive vibrations and open yourself up to receive cosmic downloads. Align your purpose with universal principles. Then learn to live in the moment and appreciate all that you have here and now—your gifts, talents, loved ones, and the wonder of life itself. Finally, Clarita teaches you basic meditation techniques to help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

About the Author

Clarita Bassett has trained thousands of individuals to become their Absolute Best through the principles of health and wellness. Cuban born, her infectious energy motivates and inspires the best of the best. Her extensive career has allowed her to work along side huge stars, like John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, and many others. She has choreographed and starred in several fitness videos and has developed and helped facilitate the release of many fitness products to the public via infomercials. Her unique experience as a professional dancer and fitness guru has helped her maintain a strong and healthy state of mind and body. Her effervescent approach to life defies the typical energy of a 62-year-old mind and body; she reflects youth and energy.