The Art and Science of Being Still

Using the Power of Silence for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health and Healing.

by Douglas D Zaccanelli

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Language : English
Publication Date : 26/01/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781504392921

About the Book

Why should you read this book? Being Still is not another psychological theory or way to cope with depression. Quite the opposite, as a mental health and healing method it runs counter to the psychologies and therapies now being used in treating stress and depression. Whether you are just down and in a stressed out place in your life or you are dealing with deep and chronic depression, this book has been written for you. In this book there is healing information that you may never have considered. For instance, it explains why you will never think, talk, therapy, medicate or meditate away depression. It will demonstrate the mental dynamics that prove that the more you think and talk about those intrusive thoughts the worse they will get. It explains how and why thinking and talking about them only magnifies the problems. The things taught here will help you to understand what is really going on in your head. You will also learn how and why simply stilling your thoughts is the way to overcome stress and depression. The reason for the success in healing for so many of those that practice this method can be summed up by quoting a Vietnam Veteran that had been dealing with depression and PTSD for over 40 years. After attending Mr. Zaccanelli’s class at a VA facility and practicing Being Still for a few weeks he was heard to say, “I can’t believe it was that simple.

About the Author

Doug Zaccanelli is married; he and his wife Carol have three grown children together. They live in an old farmhouse beside a lake in Michigan. Doug has been practicing and teaching a discipline called Raja Yoga since the early 1970’s. He came upon it while searching for a way out of the deep depression and post traumatic stress he was in after his time as a combat infantryman in Vietnam. Raja Yoga involves training the mind, using progressive and sometimes intense breathing exercises together with concentration techniques that are designed to help calm and still the mind. From the mental training and the intense discipline, Raja Yoga also becomes a study of consciousness, mind and thoughts and their processes. In the course of his studies he discovered some simple realities of mind and thought that are not obvious and many have overlooked. The most important discovery he has found is that there is healing power in holding the mental processes still. Holding the mind and mental processes still and stopping thought is the purpose of practicing Raja Yoga. The activity of stopping thoughts and the thought processes affects the thoughts that cause depression. The process quickly and effectively breaks down the intrusive and overwhelming thoughts and thought patterns that depressed people find themselves in. Being still is based on the broader discipline of Raja Yoga, but with the central focus on a simple mental exercise of holding the mental processes still. While teaching Being Still he has continued to perfect the exercise. In the end, what he teaches has become a very short and simple mental exercise. This system is so simple that it will enable almost anyone to use it successfully. It has been proven successful for everyone who practices it. Since 2008 Mr. Zaccanelli has been teaching his Being Still exercise to military veterans at the Battle Creek Veterans Hospital. Some of what is covered in this book is based on the things he teaches at the VA Hospital. Mr. Zaccanelli has spent many years counseling, teaching and researching the causes and cures for depression and PTSD. As he explains in this work, depression and PTSD is because of the conscious thoughts and not some subconscious or unconscious thing, as many believe. His extensive research and personal experience makes him able to explain how and why that is. He is able to explain what is really going on in the mind and how it works. His knowledge and experience make him uniquely qualified and able to teach these correct principles in a way that most people can understand and will make them better able to free themselves from their condition.