I Almost Died in Egypt

When Aloha Saved My Life

by Marlise La’a Kea

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/09/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 98
ISBN : 9781504366434

About the Book

Imagine you are far away from home, far away from any medical help, and you have to deal with a life-threatening pain. Read about Maree’s journey through different stages of leaving her body and coming back. Switch into other realities, lifetimes, and dimensions with her and get to know what helped her survive and how she found healing. It’s a story full of mysticism, love, peace, melodies, fantasy, and the power of being connected in the heart. It built bridges between different countries, cultures, and religions. It’s a story for all—the small and the tall people—and for children of all kinds. It takes you on Maree’s journey of her near-death experience, her mystical feelings, and her healing process. She meets special people and beings from different dimensions and tells you what was most important for her to be healed. It’s a fascinating page-turner based on true experiences of the author mixed with a hint of fiction and fantasy. A modern fairytale that makes you feel good. Are you ready for the adventure of discovering new ways of thinking, living, learning, healing, and connecting? Join in and enjoy the ride!

About the Author

Marlise La’a Kea, born in Switzerland, had a transformational near-death experience on a boat out in the Red Sea, Egypt. In this story, she writes about it. She is a teacher, kinesiologist, massage therapist, and works with healing traditions from different cultures, especially the Hawaiian shamanism. She loves to travel.