Who Are You?

by Ilze Puriv

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/09/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781504366472

About the Book

Hello: Who Are You? is a composition of philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and coaching methodologies. It was intentionally written in a light-hearted conversational and interactive style and kept condensed to not overload the reader. The aim is to make it absorbable, reflective, and to introduce different methodologies in order to stimulate self-inquiry and research into others’ ways of thinking, religions, and ultimately, in the meaning of our existence. It is also intended to catalyze questioning and dialogue while including all on our journey to higher consciousness. It also intends to promote independent quality of thinking, which, hopefully, will lead us into taking full responsibility for all our actions and behavior and help us to recognize the impact we have on our world. The central theme throughout Hello: Who Are You? is that our main purpose on earth is to raise our own as well as our collective consciousness to the benefit and contribution to others and our world. “The essence of being in a nutshell” (H. Scholts, garden designer and artist featured in the Book and BBC program Around the World in 80 Gardens by Monty Don). “Spectacular! A treasure” (Dr. F. Kromhout; kinesiology, chiropractor, and creator of the Kinesio Balance range of health supplements). “Hello makes me feel safe, loved, and that I am not alone—that everything is okay” (Demeye de Leeuw; daughter, fourteen years old).

About the Author

Ilze is the founder and CEO of the NGO Conscious Custodians Foundation, a global platform to connect and share skills and support through collaboration and providing financial assistance to projects that address systemic causes. We are all custodians of our beautiful planet, other species, and each other. “There is no greater purpose or meaning to life than to be of service, value, and use to our planet and each other” (Ilze Puriv, coining the concept of “planetary diplomats”).