The TransBeingness of Man

God and Ultimate Reality

by Thomas Martin Newald

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Language : English
Publication Date : 26/08/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 494
ISBN : 9781504304030

About the Book

This book is my contribution of intuitive epistemology. This book discusses many new understandings of ultimate reality but, primarily, new understandings of the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature and origin of our present universe. God is described as not personal, not all-powerful, not all-knowing, and not all-present. Individualized man is described as the unknowing expression of God. The universe is described as composed, in part, of the formless realm, the physical realm, the purgatorial realm, the spiritual realm, and the infinite void. The transbeingness of man is described as formless man, physical man, purgatorial man, and spiritual man. Individualized man, a nonspecific term for individualizations of infinite man, is described as alternately existing in two realities. The first reality is core reality. In core reality, individualized man is in total self-conscious unity and harmony with God. Thus, in core reality, individualized man exists in a mental self-realizing state of total harmony and bliss. The second reality is objective reality. In objective reality, individualized man experiences his infinite existence. This experiencing of existence is described as the purpose for individualized man’s existence. Also, a fundamental understanding of this book is understanding the difference between real experiences and nonreal experiences. All functions within ultimate reality comprise real experiences. All experiences self-consciously created by individualized man are nonreal experiences. It is through the creative experiencing of objective existence that individualized man understands himself, God, and the purpose for his infinite existence. Finally, this book describes heaven and hell. Individualized man self-punishes himself for all his wrongdoings; God punishes no one. Hell is reserved for the individualizations of man that self-consciously reject God, but real physical hell is not a place of punishment.

About the Author

Newald is retired and lives in beautiful East Tennessee with his wife.