Do you remember?

by Heletyl

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/06/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 26
ISBN : 9781504301879

About the Book

Have fun remembering and then learn how to use those memories to help you in your life now.

This is a book of transformation. It has been designed to help people of all ages identify and re evaluate their feelings so they can live a full and aware life. It will also help them to cope with stress, grief and change.

Learn how to help yourself and help your friends to truly see the amazing people that you are, and then live with clarity and confidence.

About the Author

I am nearly sixty years old; nearly a crone. I have lived a blessed life.

Professionally I have been a nurse, midwife, Bowen Therapist and am currently a pastoral carer in a dementia unit. I believe that I have a calm, gentle nature and my knowledge and experience with counselling and the health sector finds me very comfortable in any health care setting. People call me intuitive but I think that it is really only that I am very good at listening and reading body language.

There were challenging times during my life but my spiritual beliefs and re-evaluation counselling always saw me through them. I am open minded when it comes to people’s faith and I really understand the need for people to experience peace of mind and insight during potentially stressful times such as death and making life changing decisions. People can be helped to achieve these if given counsel that is meaningful for them. I know also that anyone including very young people can be taught to express their pain and terror, and if gently supported they can change their life so they have clarity and control.

Heletyl is my pen name and combines Helen et al. The name is inclusive of all my thoughts, feelings, influences and the lessons of my life. I was born on a farm with three siblings; one a twin sister. Farm life was tough but wonderful with animals to look after, gardens to tend, and lots of fun to be had. I have a husband, two wonderful children and a lovely grandson. I live in Tasmania on a rural property with my husband, dog and five alpacas.