What is the Meaning of Life... Life Lessons

by Debbie Bryan

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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/11/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781504342933

About the Book

You don’t realize that you are different and not a part of the normal awareness which resides in many sentient beings. You are born aware of your gifts, but without understanding that anything is unusual because they are so natural and free flowing.

As a young child, I would have “dreams” that would always come true later on. I would dream about a happening, but I wouldn’t tell my family about it until after the event actually took place. Because I waited until after the fact to tell my parents about my dream, they would just smile, laugh at me and shake their heads as they went along with their day. I never knew I was different from other people by being born with gifts. My parents’ non-reactive responses were exactly what I needed to allow me to keep my self-confidence and not turn the dreams and visions away.

About the Author

Debbie Bryan is a medium of multiple realms who works with archangels and angels to help guide others through life’s journey. She is blessed with seeing, hearing, and knowing the angelic realm. Debbie was born with these gifts but never understood that everyone didn’t see or hear the angels. Debbie believes it is her mission to contribute to a cause greater than herself. She does this by using her gifts as a connector with source in healings, teachings, personal and group sessions. She is the messenger for angelic communication to groups and individuals. Debbie is also a healer by allowing the heavenly realm to direct the individual healing that is needed. She has been given a key to unlock the 12 strand DNA codes which is used in her healings and upgrades. Debbie also teaches a class called, Healing Your Life with the Angels. Debbie’s reading and healings include connecting with your deceased loved ones, talking to your angels, seeing the future, past and present. Debbie can facilitate Past Life Regressions, Emotional Release Therapy, Assisting Souls to Cross Over and Removing Attachments. www.angeldebbie.com www.yourspiritualhealer.com