Invicti Solis

The Rise of the Unconquered Sun

by Gary Bryant

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/01/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 516
ISBN : 9781504326407

About the Book

Invicti Solis addresses the most important questions that perplex postmodern humanity and civilization—and in so doing points the way toward the authentic destiny of both.

• How can we discover the true heart’s desire in the thicket of conflicting desires that bid for

our attention?

• How can we discover absolute or objective truth in an age that offers only relative, subjective perspectives?

• How can we discover a faith that transcends all possibility of doubt in a culture that portrays faith as belief vulnerable to doubt?

• How can we discover our true identity in an age and a culture that only reinforces the false?

• How can we discover the mutually supportive development of the human being and an increasingly global civilization in an age that no longer recognizes the necessity of this mutuality?

• How can we discover the ruling faculty in human nature in an age that has dethroned reason and offers no viable alternative?

Discover your true heart’s desire, objective truth, authentic faith, your real identity, and the ruling faculty that makes these discoveries possible.

Discover the birth and rise of the unconquerable sun.

About the Author

Gary Bryant is an ordained priest in the Orthodox Catholic Church, a hospice chaplain, and a licensed master social worker. He has four master’s degrees, including: theology, English, business administration, and social work, having studied comparative religion at Rice University and Harvard Divinity School.

With 30 years experience in a form of spirituality called the Gurdjieff Work, he is authorized by his own guide and mentor to teach and lead individuals in that tradition. In addition, he is past president of the Prometheus Society, past Membership Officer of the Triple Nine Society, and a lifetime member of Mensa.