Sassy Confidence

Because let’s face it, confidence will make you irresistible, and being sassy is just so much fun!

by Jasmine Beausoleil

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/05/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 66
ISBN : 9781504330909

About the Book

I believe that every woman is a wonderful gift to this world and has something magnificent to share, but if you’re anything like some of the women I know and coach, I bet that at some point you might not have felt so highly about yourself. You might have looked around and wanted to be that woman. You know the one I’m talking about. When she walks into a room, it lights up, men stare with desire and curiosity, and women in admiration and envy. She walks and talks like a summer breeze, and she laughs wholeheartedly. She is the woman who can move mountains with the courage and confidence she exhibits, but she can also melt hearts with a simple look and her radiant smile. She is carefree and exudes authenticity with her witty talk and open heart.

What if I told you that you are that woman? Deep inside, hidden beneath the uncertainties that you bear, she is waiting to come out. Sassy Confidence’s unique and fun writing style will show you just how to let her out and shine while having a blast. After all, there is nothing you can’t be, do, or have when you are confident.

Be daring, be bold; read this book—do it for you. You deserve all this and much more!

The world needs more confident women!! Sassy confidence delivers an easy and simple ground-breaking set of exercises that can help you develop your confidence muscle and tap into resources you thought you never had. So if you are ready to feel even better, get this book!

Vanessa Simpkins

#1 Best Selling Author, Speaker & Confidence & Cash Flow Mentor for Women

About the Author

Jasmine Beausoleil is the founder of Sassy Confidence Movement. Raised in a very low-income and violent home, she knows what it takes to have to build your confidence up to get where you want to be. Jasmine now lives a fulfilling life teaching women how to do the same.