Once Upon a Time…

Spiritual Fairy Tales

by Patrizia Palenzona

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/02/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781504327831
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781504327855

About the Book

Once Upon a Time… is a collection of spiritual fairy tales rendered in a manner for readers of all ages. The stories are simple and straightforward, yet each one is filled with wisdom and sagacity. They not only entertain us but also prompt us to look at our own lives with a more profound understanding. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have loved hearing fairy tales, as they bring us into a world of dreams, and for a little while we are transported into a land of fantasy and magic.

In this work, the author conveys to us all the deeper understandings, which are so often hidden in our hearts, and brings to the reader, in a most enjoyable way, insights that can help us in our day to day lives. Not only do the stories carry teachings and lessons, but they also open us to the experience of love, which is found abundantly if we are just willing to recognize it. It is in the lucid moral of each tale that the author delivers her inspirational message.

This small book is meant to bring joy to our hearts and delight to our souls.

About the Author

Patrizia was born in 1967 as the first of three children into a loving family of five. Her light-heartedness and carefree demeanor as a young girl provided that special bond that ties a family together. She was a daily reminder to her parents and siblings of all that is wondrous and pure.

Of European descent but raised in South America, she was well-traveled and cultured by the time she was a teenager. But deep inside her lay a yearning to explore the internal vastness and beauty of the human experience. And so it was only natural that she would follow a path of spirituality during those restless and inquisitive teenage years.

Patrizia matured into a special, albeit reserved, young woman. Knowing that many times it is the ego that tarnishes an individual’s soul and that karma is a universal law to which we are all bound, she was incapable of seeing any bad or negative qualities in people—a realization that comes only to those with a deep spiritual understanding. But not only did she see the good in people; she also always made a special effort to make everyone she met feel good about themselves. Now more than ever, Patrizia’s soul was bursting with radiant light.

Her stoic attitude was unshaken when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late thirties. At 44, she was given just six months to live, but she brushed aside the evidence as inconvenient and for three more years kept volunteering her time to benefit others. Never once did she lament her fate or complain about pain. Quite the contrary, she became stronger and an even greater example of how to accept those events that render our lives difficult. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family, in the summer of 2014, embracing the reality of transcending to a higher state of being.