Christian Jew

by Lloyd Parks

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/01/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 262
ISBN : 9781452598543

About the Book

Christian Jew is about the author’s early Christian upbringing, young adult atheism, and a return to his biblical roots. It teaches how unforgiving can lead to a hard-heart that causes sin, and it opens the door of one’s life to the enemy—Satan. Most importantly, it teaches God’s goodness and grace have the power to bring a strayed sheep back to Him. In addition, Christian Jew is about the often neglected aspects of the Judaic roots of Christianity. Gentile believers must never forget the gospel is brought to them by Jewish believers, in God’s Messiah. The book brings enlightenment about how the Messiah has broken down the walls between Jews and Gentiles. Both have been made one new man, in Messiah. It explains law and grace, and the spiritual gifts God uses to save sinners. It teaches believers salvation comes through God’s grace mixed with believers’ faith, in Messiah. Therefore, is the law relevant today? Yes, the law is still relevant, because the law is still holy and good. But the law does not bring salvation to sinner; grace does bring salvation to sinners. The author hopes you have enjoyed the book, and he looks forward to hearing from his readers.

About the Author

He is a worldwide evangelist and has proclaimed God’s world in North America; London, England; and Johannesburg, South Africa. He has preached God’s word for thirty years, and He has enjoyed every minute of it. He still believes in God’s signs, wonders, miracles, and saints. He rightly believes one’s faith brings these glorious manifestations.