Integrate The Shadow, Master Your Path

by Matthew B. James

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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/01/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781452584461

About the Book

The unconscious mind is not only the key to connecting with Higher Self, it also holds all the power you need to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life. Yet too often, our conscious desires and goals seem to be at cross-purposes with our unconscious urges and reactions.

In Dr. Matthew B James‘ most recent book, Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path, you’ll be shown how to:

- Uncover and release the baggage that holds you back in relationships

- Tap the goal-getting capacity of the unconscious to achieve your career aspirations

- Get in synch with your unconscious mind’s prime directives to improve your physical health

- and expand your spiritual practice by opening your natural channel to Higher Self

“Dr. Matthew James uncovers the mysteries of your unconscious mind in this compelling and sacred book. He shares soulful information that lets you deeply accept all aspects of your being. I highly recommend, especially for those on a committed spiritual path.”

~ Shawne Duperon, CEO ShawneTV, 6-Time EMMY® winner, Project: Forgive Founder

“Our culture is filled with shame and guilt. We make ourselves sick and tired by trying to be perfect – or at least pretending we are. In INTEGRATE THE SHADOW, MASTER YOUR PATH, Matt James gives us in-depth insight into the Shadow and how this mysterious and somewhat frightening aspect of ourselves can become the powerhouse behind our creativity and passion. If you’ve ever felt blocked without knowing why, this book is for you!”

~ Jonathan Ellerby PhD, bestselling author of Inspiration Deficit Disorder, CEO of TAO Inspired Living

“We have great power to heal ourselves, but I have often seen with those who come to Humanity Healing that the unconscious mind often gets in the way of full Healing. In INTEGRATE THE SHADOW, MASTER YOUR PATH, Dr. Matt helps us understand that the unconscious really isn’t an adversary but you do need to know how to work with it. If good health has eluded you, this book just might show you why and what to do about it.”

~ Christopher Buck, CEO, Humanity Healing International

“Matthew James understands that a true spiritual path incorporates all of who we are: physical, mental, emotions, conscious and unconscious. Sometimes we look at the unconscious as a dark scary cavern of animal desires and motivations. But blending ancient Huna tradition with Jungian thought, Matthew demonstrates that it is only by working with our unconscious that we can access Higher Self. A book for all who are on a spiritual journey!”

~ Liane Queiroz, Editor in Chief, OMTimes Magazine

“I love affirmations and positive thinking -- but sometimes they just don’t work, do they? It feels like there’s this huge, invisible, negative resistance. Consciously makes no sense but we can’t seem to shake it. In INTEGRATE THE SHADOW, MASTER YOUR PATH, Dr. Matthew James reveals why this happens and gives practical tips for uprooting our deep-seated unconscious negative beliefs and transforming them into stronger positive life-affirming beliefs.”

~ Karen Cantrell, Secretary General, Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, USA

About the Author

Dr. Matthew B. James, a lecturer, master trainer and president of The Empowerment Partnership, has studied various modalities such as Huna and NLP.  Together, with his PhD in Health Psychology, Dr. James continues to provide a realistic and practical approach to enhance all aspects of ones life.