The Foreplay between Pain and Purpose

How to Uncover Your Life’s Purpose by Redefining the Pain in Your Life

by Cynthia Ann Ryk

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 24/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781452559285

About the Book

If not betrayal or remorse, then who was this dark shadow standing ever so close to me? “Excuse me, Miss; are you okay?” I looked up into the bartender’s kind face. “Sure … just a lot on my plate—the price of a successful life.” Inside, I was shutting down, and the tape kept playing: “Keep functioning! Be strong. They count on you. You can handle it.” Who were they?

  • Is there too much on your plate? Are you trying to keep it all together?
  • Do you find yourself forced into looking for another job or career and don’t have the energy or resources to think about it?
  • Does your present success have anything to do with your real purpose in life?

Dive into this creative, thought-provoking story and workbook to find relief, rejuvenation, and revelation in your search for answers to life’s challenges. The vignettes in this book provide fresh possibilities for rethinking any circumstance in your life. Author Cynthia Ryk gives her readers a fun-loving way to explore important issues and practical insights into the question of why.

"The Foreplay... is about freeing yourself of the pain that keeps you from abounding Clarity, Ecstasy, and Outright joy in your life. This inspiring book will light your path to Purpose."
—Debra Benton, author, The Virtual Executive and CEO Material

About the Author

Cynthia Ann Ryk has spent a lifetime moving through various transitions but didn’t understand their gifts and purpose until her transformative experience in 1992. Since then she has feverishly studied the laws of life for better understanding of herself and her clients. With a Master’s degree in counseling and career development (MEd), Cynthia has helped hundreds of clients with her career transitions courses and life purpose coaching. For information, visit