A Reason To Believe

The Wonder Of It All

by Bonnie Caraway Brown

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Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/04/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781452532509

About the Book

Since her youngest son's tragic death in 2002, Bonnie Brown has learned there is more to this life and to us than our human minds can understand. This knowledge didn't come in an "aha!" moment or an epiphany of understanding. It has come about as the result of an ongoing journey to "find" her son. Unwilling to be a victim and allow the all encompassing grief she was feeling to swallow her up, Bonnie Brown set out on a journey to "find" her beloved Cody. She refused to believe that he could be gone, extinguished as if he had never existed. She was certain of his physical death. She had sat and watched unflinchingly as the nurse removed him from the ventilator; the machine that had served as the only link between him and physical life. She heard the machine as it breathed for him one last time. She stroked his eyebrows and kissed his face and felt the absence of that energy we call "life". Where had that energy gone? That energy that is a person's essence, that energy that makes an individual unique. That was the part of Cody she was looking for. This is the story of that journey.

About the Author

As a single parent of three children, Bonnie Brown enjoyed a close relationship with each of her children. As the youngest of the three, Cody was the only one still living at home when the accident occured.

In "A Reason To Believe; The Wonder Of It All" Bonnie Brown recalls her son Cody's tragic death in 2002 and the journey of spiritual awakening she experienced as a result of it. Bonnie Brown has chosen to continue to have a relationship with her son even though his physical presence is no longer here. She is grateful to God for the time she and Cody shared on this earth. For reasons she can't explain and with experiences she doesn't understand, Bonnie feels that God has allowed her to continue to experience Cody's presence. In this book, she shares some of those experiences with her readers in hopes of lifting their spirits as hers has been.

Bonnie Brown lives in Pensacola, FL close to her other two children and their families. In the time since Cody's death, Bonnie has completed a graduate degree in Social Work and is pursuing licensure in that field. She is a grief counselor In addition to being a medical social worker with Emerald Coast Hospice where she deals with life and death on a daily basis.