The 12 Principles of Pyong'hwa

The 12 Principles of Pyong'hwa

Pathways and Perspectives for More Peace and Tranquility in Life
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Pyong’hwa translates to English as peace and tranquility. The 12 Principles bring new understandings and enlightenments to ease life’s journey and to serve as a powerful yet comforting guide for every day and every moment of your experiences going forward.

A fun, entertaining and easy read, each Principle is presented with memorable combinations of humor, insight, personal narratives and the collected wisdom of the ages. There are over 250 quotations of valuable perspectives, including everyone from Einstein, Disney, Gandhi, Shakespeare, Franklin, Lincoln, Kennedy and Mother Teresa, to Nin, Dyer, Forbes, Emerson, Aristophanes, Maher, and many more. Plus Zen, Buddhist, and Scottish proverbs, biblical citations, and original creations, including a direct quote from the Almighty, “Here you go: Life! Let’s see what you do with it.”

There are cultural references spanning the generations, with more than sixty movie associations, including the memorable lines of Eastwood, Elvis, Sinatra, Marx, Chaplin, Buehler, Master Oogway, Forrest Gump, Captain James T. Kirk, and more. Plus apt quotations from celebrities of all sorts, including Michael Jordan, Robin Williams, Carly Simon, Will Rogers, Bill Cosby, George Burns, Doris Day, Rod Stewart, Gary Larson, Peter Ustinov, Yogi Berra, and many more.

In an increasingly complex, fast-changing and emotionally challenging world, pathways and perspectives for more peace and tranquility are needed more than ever. This book will guide you along a path that will bring you to the yin of greater optimism, inner calm, appreciation and understanding, while providing the yang of new opportunity to create and realize your own joyful being!

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